Tank / Cage Clean.

Buddies can clean your Fish tanks, Rabbit Hutches, Bird cages etc.. For you.

When you don't have time, can't face the job or cant be bothered, we'll take care of, what can sometimes be an unpleasant chore. All Pets are happier if their surroundings are clean and fresh. Your Bunnies and Guinea Pigs will appreciate fresh bedding, your Fish will enjoy fresh filters and water.

Don't spend the last few, precious days of your Holiday worrying about this chore!

Contact us to clean there homes.

This is great for people who value there gardens. During the hot summer months it doesn't take long for gardens to dry out. We will be happy to tailor a watering plan while your on Holiday. Tell us how often and how much to water certain parts of your garden and what requires special attention.

Contact us to keep it green.

For those of us who want the added security of having our Home appear as though someone is there, we offer the Lived In Service. This is an optional service that can be included in the twice daily Pet Feeding Service or the twice daily Home Check Service.

We will open your blinds and turn off certain lights in your House in the morning. Then we will close blinds and turn on certain lights in the afternoon.

It is common knowledge that most breakins happen while family's are on Holiday. So for your peace of mind this is a great option for you.

Our Friends.

We also have access to a Great Veterinary Service, Top Quality Dog Grooming Facilities, an excellent Dog Behaviour Specialist and a Qualified Vet Nurse who provides Home Stays for for Dogs.

contact us for further information on these great services.

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