Buddies comes with high recommendations from a large group of vetinary clinics in the Wellington area, especially the Western suburbs, where we have built strong relationships with them. So you can be secure that your pets, and home will be looked after by a service that other professionals think highly of.

If you have more than one Pet, you will end up paying less than a Per-Animal charge system at the Kennel or Cattery. We charge per Feed, regardless of how many Pets you have.

Make plans for your Holiday with ease knowing that your pets will be taken care of.

No need to worry about your Pets picking up illnesses from other animals

Your Pets have their normal diet.

You can easily change your plans while on Holiday. Staying an extra day away? No problem. Just call and we'll extend your services to your requirements. No need to fit your Holiday into your Boarding Kennel or Catterys check out times.

Go on Holiday carefree with peace of mind.

We are security checked

Your Pets get ONE on ONE attention, love and cuddles.

Your Pets stay in the comfort and security of their own home. This is especially important for cats, as they are quite territorial and would prefer their own surroundings. They really are uncomfortable being so close to other cats they are unfamiliar with.

Buddies has Public Liability Insurance.

Late bookings are welcomed, so long as the consultation has been done. Once we have met you and your Pets, outlined your needs, then anytime you need your Pets taken care of, we can do it. Just let us know and you can rush off knowing your Pets will be fine.

Don't want to see your Pets sad little faces as you drop them into a Kennel or Cattery? You don't have to. You can avoid the whole experience.

You get the added knowledge that your home is getting regular visits as well. Increasing the security of your home while your gone.

We'll make sure you benefit from using our In Home services.

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